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Muskrat News is a leading independent news publisher exploring topics from politics, economics, and society to technology, science and the environment. Our reporting is well-researched and driven by data. We provide our readers with in-depth analysis that is not found elsewhere.


Cynthia R. Olivier

Executive Editor

Our thought leadership program helps our corporate partners to achieve their business objectives by using brand recognition and thought leadership programs to engage consumers with the Muskrat News platform.

David Frey

Chief Executive Officer

A diversified business model engages consumers at every point in their decision-making journey through custom content syndication, branded advertising, performance marketing and e-commerce.

Steven C. Schisler

Deputy Editor

Muskrat News delivers high-quality content on a variety of topics including the latest breaking news headlines and original reporting. Our focus on breaking news has helped us establish our reputation as the go-to source for navigating the always changing world of today.

Mable D. Hassan

International Correspondent

Whether you’re interested in what’s happening in the world or in your own backyard, Muskrat News will give you a comprehensive overview of what’s going on in the places you care about most.

Janine Walsh

National Correspondent

Our team is on the ground to cover everything happening in your city or state with local and national news stories that are updated throughout the day.

Charles Mesa

Senior Story Editor

Our reporters are based in Canada and abroad, which means we can provide you with the most relevant, meaningful content available. Our team also provides a breadth of expertise that can make your company or brand more marketable and profitable.

Richard Woodward

Product Design Director

Our team of journalists only report on the most timely and relevant stories, making Muskrat News a must-read. We offer up-to-the minute news coverage, including original reporting on breaking local, national, and international stories.

Michael M. Roque

Data Visualization Analyst

Our biweekly newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest political happenings, including analyses of key issues, updates on important legislation and more.