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Muskrat News covers a wide range of topics across many different platforms. But what we all have in common is our dedication to delivering compelling content that matters to you.


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Muskrat News is the place where independent reporters tell stories from all sides of the story. We let our reporters tell their stories without interference from editors or outside influences.


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Our reporters are trained to gather unbiased intelligence on subjects that matter most to you in a way that's easy for you to understand. Our reporting on your interests makes it easy for you to find what you need when you need it.

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Muskrat News is a digital media company that offers cutting-edge reporting on breaking news, politics and policy. Our mission is to serve readers, business leaders, policy officials and the public with our own brand of journalism, rankings and advice. We use world-class data and technology to publish independent reporting, rankings, journalism and advice that has earned the trust of our readers.
David Frey
Chief Executive Officer
As a trusted brand, Muskrat News does not rely on algorithms to create our content. Our journalists write stories based on their own ideas and experience. We know that quality content is key to building a strong brand with consumers, so our writers produce unique content that engages readers.
Cynthia R. Olivier
Executive Editor

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Cynthia R. Olivier

Executive Editor

Our goal is to deliver engaging, compelling and visually captivating stories on your platform of choice. We offer a variety of networks and brands with a wide range of content to suit your needs.

David Frey

Chief Executive Officer

At Muskrat News, we produce unbiased and objective reporting on the most important stories of our times. Our work has earned the trust of our readers, who rely on us to help them make informed decisions throughout their lives.

Steven C. Schisler

Deputy Editor

Muskrat News uses cutting-edge data and technology to offer diverse reporting on current affairs – from politics to business & policy. In addition, we also provide established rankings that have helped our readers make important decision in their lives.

Mable D. Hassan

International Correspondent

We offer advice that helps you make important decisions in your life – from investing in stocks to choosing an electric car as your next vehicle; or picking the right college for you daughter or son.