The Federal bar against willful ignorance as a defense, combined with all of the unsettling stuff we've been learning under Professor Beale, can make for some nervous moments, a few nightmares, a recurring case of the galloping cold sweats, and the occasional burst of furious questioning in class.  Ignorance was bliss, but we can't get it back. 
What to do?  Might as well make a game of it!

NCAA March Madness is here, bringing with it thousands of office pools. 
We have something better.  We have the 2004 Fed Crim Betting Pool, AKA

What Do
We Have To
Worry About?

The rules are simple. To play, send me $5 in imaginary or fictititious currency and pick the square representing what you think the Class of 2005's biggest concern is with current federal criminal law. 
After all bets are in, we'll wait for the first Grand Jury indictment of a class member, and the person who picked that square will receive the money.
RICO implications of overbilling Possible Sec. 666 violation by obtaining Federal Loans through witchcraft Hobbes Act implications of latest drunken carjacking New Street Gang Law would make ceratin summer recruiting practices much less fun
State of immortal soul Possibility that killing AND burying witness may be "pattern" under RICO Mail fraud implications of sending "special" resume through USPS 568 Moving Violations
Possibility of treble damages if escaped sex slaves sue under civil RICO Those crushing income taxes on our future crushing income Whether weight of brownie mix counts for sentencing levels for Mellow Brownies Is stealing cable wire fraud?
Nothing! I'm just asking Questions! Stop looking at me like that! Whether Junior Associate is same as "Lieutenant" or "Foot Soldier" Helping Iraq hide WMD in Enron's basement Is it a "continuing" pattern if you only kill one hobo every six months?
Use of corporate mercenaries to steal cattle from Mexico may violate Neutrality Act Killing bagel delivery boy with shovel may have affected Interstate Commerce Possible CCE charge relating to crack trade work-study job Pesky Nuremberg Precedent
Winner receives a Get Out of Jail Free card (used)

Disclaimer:   Kidding!  Just Kidding!  I, personally, never killed a hobo in my life! 
(They all recovered.)

Further Disclaimer:  Contents 100% Not True, Probably