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Our Guiding Philosophy - From Emanuel's Criminal Law Outline:

Similarly, D will generally not be allowed to introduce evidence of his intoxication in an attempt to get a murder charge reduced the assumption is that the ordinary man is sober, so D's drunkenness does not help him.

Charles Dickens's Beadle Bumble said it best: "If the law believes that, sir, then the Law is an Ass!"
They Say Lawyers Are UnderSexed.  Here's Why.
Second Year.  Now the Job Hunt Starts
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First Year Orientation Program Reviewed
Report on Morale-Breaking Program

Sometimes you have to infer things from the available evidence...
Pro-Bono Project has troubles

"Pro-Bono" means sending students out to volunteer in local legal offices.  Usually.
Interview with the Interviewers

So I see all these 2Ls troopping to their job interviews, and I wonder...