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Implanted Electrodes Combat Depression

By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter
TUESDAY, March 1 (HealthDay News) -- A procedure that involves drilling two holes into a person's skull and then implanting electrodes in the brain has shown promise in treating individuals who are severely depressed and resistant to other types of treatment.
Four of six patients who received this deep brain stimulation showed sustained improvement six months after the procedure took place, scientists report in the March 3 issue of Neuron.

Oddly enough, the aspect of the patient’s depression that was most affected was the listlessness and lack of energy that so often characterizes that disease.  “These guys have a whole new attitude,” enthused one doctor from the clinic.  “They have spent just about every waking hour tracking down the doctors who did this and punishing them.”

Indeed, the patients have shown remarkable degrees of energy since the procedure.  “That little creep drilled two holes in my skull!  I’m going to get him if it takes the rest of my life!” enthused one. 

Other treatments being investigated include “slapping patients repeatedly,” throwing rocks through patient’s windows at 2:00 a.m., and sleeping with patient’s wives. 

“We tried just, you know, poking them in the chest, and they didn’t really respond,” lamented one clinician.  “We’d say ‘snap out of it,’ but they didn’t.  So we asked ourselves what would make us perk up and take an interest in life again.” 

The unanimous answer tot hat question (“A hundred million dollars and a sex-crazed supermodel girlfriend”) turned out to be beyond the resources of the clinic.  As a result, they turned to lower-cost options involving power tools.  In addition to drilling holes in people’s heads, they’ve had good luck with power-stapling patients’ feet to the floor, and belt-sanding large areas of their flesh raw.  However, floor-stapled patients suffered from a marked lack of mobility, and their rage quickly subsided.  “We needed an injury that was embarrassing and painful, but which left them ambulatory,” said one doctor.  Head drilling was an obvious choice.”

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